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About me

I am coach, trainer and yoga instructor. I believe that I can inspire people if I can hear their needs and I have a wide range of methods for support. I have got my PhD as a microbiologist and at that time I thought that everything could be known. Then I moved to the pharmaceutical industry and worked in business analysis and business development. It was there when I fell in love with my current profession and after some years of preparation I started to work as coach and trainer.

I always enjoyed moving so I was doing long hikes, climbing rocks, running marathons and trails and ski-toured in winter. I have reached Peak Lenin (7134 m) as the third Hungarian woman and I was member os the National Ultrarunning Team in 24 hours competitions. I have started yoga because I wanted to stretch but I found a lot more. After completing a hatha yoga teacher training I was also inspired by yoga phylosophy. That is why I became a meditation teacher. I am most linked to the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and Viniyoga. I am trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as well.

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